Related Courses for the BS

Related courses for the BS need to follow a few rules. They must be:
  • all from the same field (or very related like math and stats).
  • a field to which you can apply computer science. Some fields that are automatically approved are chemistry, physics, astronomy, biology, economics, mathematics, statistics, and linguistics.
They cannot be:
  • CMSC courses (if they are cross-listed, you must consult me)
  • "mathematical methods of X" course (because that's a math course, not an X course)
  • satisfied through AP credit
  • performance courses (music, art, drama)
  • language courses (Mandarin, French, Spanish, etc.)
  • Going towards a minor degree.
For the following fields, you may choose from the following pre-approved courses in that area:
  1. Econ: 198, 199, 200, 201, 20010, 202, 20210.
  2. Math/Stat: any course not cross-listed in CS
  3. Physics: any course a) not cross-listed in CS, b) not phys 220
  4. Chemistry: any course at or above 111. You may not use 111-112 if you are using them to satisfy your physical sciences requirement.
  5. Astronomy and Astrophysics:
  6. Linguistics: 20001, 20101, 20201, 20202, 20301, 21000, 21600, 26040
If your interests lie farther afield, make sure you get them approved before you take them. You will need to make a case for why the courses you are taking are something to which you could apply your computer science skills.