Nick Feamster

Neubauer Professor, Department of Computer Science
Director, Center for Data and Computing
Lab Director, Network Operations and Internet Security Lab
University of Chicago

John Crerar Library Room 261
feamster -at- uchicago . edu
+ 1 773 702 2322 (no voicemail, please)

I am Neubauer Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Center for Data and Computing at the University of Chicago.

I also direct the Network Operations and Internet Security research lab, where we develop data-driven tools and systems to improve Internet security, performance, and adoption. Join us!

I design and deploy network protocols and systems that make the Internet work better. I use empirical network measurement and machine learning to understand and improve network performance, security, and privacy. The results of my research often have implications to policy. I regularly work with federal and municipal organizations, including the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the City of Chicago on equitable Internet access, security, and privacy. Read more about projects at my research group web page.

My research group publishes papers in top-tier networking, security, and machine learning/modeling conferences, and also regularly publish open-source software. An important value of our lab is real-world impact, through the deployment of operational systems. Contact me to learn more about the group, including how to join.