Mobile computing is pervasive and changing nearly every aspect of society. Sensing, actuation, and mediation capabilities of mobile devices are transforming all aspects of computing: uses, networking, interface, form, etc. This course explores new technologies driving mobile computing and their implications for systems and society.

This quarter's focus areas include mobile sensing, mobile health, and security and privacy.

Instructor: Heather Zheng
TA: Zhuolin Yang
Lecture Time and Location: TR 11:20am--12:40pm, virtual
Prereqs: CMSC 15400. CMSC 23000 or CMSC 23300 recommended.

Grading Policy

Your quarter grade will be derived from the following tasks:

  • Lab assignments, 20%
  • Quizzes, 15%
  • Topic review + presentation (20%)%
  • Course project, 40%
  • Class Participation, 5%