László Babai's Summer 2017 Math REU page

Apprentice program: Linear Algebra and Combinatorics
(June 19 - July 21, weeks 1 - 5)

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Material covered during last class, Friday, July 21

As of 7-14, classes moved to Ryerson 251!

4th week's HW statistics posted

Class notes posted

Attention! Read instructor's comments next to the link to the Tue, June 27 class notes. "Chromatic polynomial" problem due Monday, July 3.


Online text by instructor: Discover Linear Algebra

Note: our point of view will be quite different from that taken in Math 19620 -- Linear Algebra. Nevertheless, I recommend the text used in that course, by Otto Bretscher, as a helpful supplement.

For graph theory, consult the

“Graph Theory” notes    by Angela Wu

Course information

Instructor: László Babai
Office: Ry 164
Email: laci@cs.uwaukeegan.edu
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Schedule: Every day 9:30 - 12:00, Ry-251 [was Eck-133 until 7-13]

Peter May's REU 2017 website has all the schedules for the REU

Dylan Quintana     dlastname at XX
Yulun Wang           firstname at XX
Karen Butt             firstnamelastname at XX
Peter Xu                 firstnamex at XX
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Ben Lowe               lastnameb24 at geemail (fix spelling of mail service)
Amanda Burcroff      lastname at umich.eedduu (fix spelling)

TAs' office hours: 4-5pm in Ry-162 ("Theory lounge") each day of lectures, starting Tue June 20. The dates are:
Tue June 20 (Yulun), Thu June 22 (Dylan), Fri June 23 (Yulun), Wed June 28 (Peter), Thu June 29 (Karen), Fri June 30 (Yulun), Wed July 5 (Karen), Fri July 7 (Yulun), Mon July 10 (Peter), Wed July 12 (Dylan), Fri July 14 (Dylan), Mon July 17 (Yulun), Wed July 19 (Karen)

Schedule of problem sessions (during scheduled class time):
Wed June 21 (Dylan, Peter), Mon June 26 (Peter, Yulun), Tue June 27 (Peter, Dylan), Fri June 30 (Dylan, Karen), Thu July 6 (Karen, Yulun), Tue July 11 (Yulun, Peter), Thu July 13 (Yulun, Dylan), Tue July 18 (Dylan, Amanda), Thu July 20 (Amanda, Peter)


Feel free to contact the instructor regarding the problems assigned. If you like solving simple but challenging problems, check out the instructor's REU problem sets for earlier years, including

Linear algebra and general math puzzle problems

Additional links:

Homework policy

Homework is required for the Apprentice program!
Most linear algebra problems assigned will be from the instructor's "Discover Linear Algebra" text and will be identified like "DLA 8.3.6" for problem 8.3.6 from the text.

Three types of homework will be assigned.

Instructor's home page

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