Kyle MacMillan PhD Student in Computer Science @UChicago

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I am a PhD Student in Computer Science at the University of Chicago, where I am advised by Professor Nick Feamster and a member of the NOISE Lab. I received my BSE in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University in 2020, where my undergraduate thesis was advised by Professor Prateek Mittal.

I study Internet measurement, traffic analysis, privacy, and their applications in law and policy. If you are interested in any of those things, please reach out! I would love to chat.

Preprints and Work in Submission

A First Look at the Consolidation of DNS and Web Hosting Providers

Synthia Wang, Kyle MacMillan, Brennan Schaffner, Nick Feamster, Marshini Chetty arXiv:2110.15345 [cs.NI], October 2021


Measuring the Performance and Network Utilization of Popular Video Conferencing Applications

Kyle MacMillan, Tarun Mangla, James Saxon, Nick Feamster
ACM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC), November 2021

Beyond Speed Test: Measuring Latency Under Load Across Different Speed Tiers

Kyle MacMillan, Nick Feamster
IAB Workshop on Measuring Network Quality for End-Users, September 2021

Organic Hole Transport Material Ionization Potential Dictates Diffusion Kinetics of Iodine Species in Halide Perovskite Devices

Ross Kerner, Sungyeon Heo, Kwangdong Roh, Kyle MacMillan, Bryon Larson, Barry Rand
ACS Energy Letters 6 (2), 501-508, January 2021

Tech Reports

Evaluating Snowflake as an Indistinguishable Censorship Circumvention Tool

Kyle MacMillan, Jordan Holland, Prateek Mittal
arXiv:2008.03254 [cs.CR], July 2020

Invited Talks and Presentations

IETF Measurement and Analysis for Protocols Research Group, November 2021


Princeton University

    Robotic and Autonomous Systems Lab (ELE 302), Spring 2020
    Teaching Assistant