Energy Consumption and Conservation in Mobile Peer-to-Peer Systems

Selim Gurun
Priya Nagpurkar
Ben Y. Zhao

First International Workshop on Decentralized Resource Sharing
in Mobile Computing and Networking
(MobiShare 2006)

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Paper Abstract

Today's mobile devices are growing in number and computational resources. Devices capable of storing gigabytes of digital content are becoming ubiquitous, making them an ideal platform for peer-to-peer content delivery and sharing. However, the always-on communication patterns of P2P networks is not a natural fit for energy-constrained mobile devices. In this paper, we perform a detailed study of energy consumption of a structured P2P overlay on a PDA device. Using actual energy measurements, we present energy consumption results for different type of operations in P2P overlays. Based on these observations, we implement an approach to improve energy conservation on P2P protocols and show some promising preliminary results.