Note on student advising
Advisors are in positions of power over their graduate students and students are unfortunately not always empowered to speak up when something is not right. I welcome student input, especially if I or one of my colleagues has said or done something that makes a student feel uncomfortable. Professors should not behave in ways that are abusive, toxic, disparaging or unwelcomed. Students should not experience any of those behaviors from their advisors, and if they do, though it can be scary, I hope they tell me. Though I cannot promise outcomes, I will be available to listen and try to help.

Current Students at UChicago

  • Zhujun Xiao (co-advised w/ Heather Zheng), PhD
  • Jenna Cryan (co-advised w/ Heather Zheng), PhD
  • Huiying Li, (co-advised w/ Heather Zheng), PhD
  • Yuxin Chen, (co-advised w/ Heather Zheng), PhD
  • Emily Willson, (co-advised w/ Heather Zheng), PhD
  • Zhuolin Yang, (co-advised w/ Heather Zheng), PhD
  • Justina Cho, (co-advised w/ Bob Grossman), PhD
  • Christian Cianfarani, (co-advised w/ Heather Zheng), PhD
  • Shawn Shan, (co-advised w/ Heather Zheng), PhD


  • Yuanshun Yao (co-advised w/ Heather Zheng, PhD UChicago 2020), ByteDance Adversarial ML team
  • Zhijing Li (co-advised w/ Heather Zheng, PhD UCSB 2019), Facebook ML team
  • Shiliang Tang (co-advised w/ Heather Zheng, PhD UCSB 2019), Research Scientist at Facebook AI
  • Xinyi Zhang (co-advised w/ Heather Zheng, PhD UCSB 2019), Facebook Research Scientist
  • Yanzi Zhu (co-advised w/ Heather Zheng, PhD UCSB 2019), Google AR/VR
  • Bolun Wang (co-advised w/ Heather Zheng, PhD 2018), Facebook Security/Abuse Team
  • Ana Nika (co-advised w/ Heather Zheng, PhD 2017), Microsoft
  • Qingyun Liu (co-advised w/ Heather Zheng, PhD 2017), Google Brain
  • Gang Wang (co-advised w/ Heather Zheng, PhD 2016), Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech
  • Yibo Zhu (co-advised w/ Heather Zheng, PhD 2016), Microsoft Research
  • Xiaohan Zhao (PhD 2015), Snapchat
  • Christo Wilson (MS 2008, Ph.D. 2012), Associate Professor, Northeastern University
  • Alessandra Sala (PostDoc/Researcher 2007-2011), Head of Analytics, Bell Labs
  • Vinod Kone (Co-advised H. Zheng, Ph.D. 2011), Twitter -> Director of Engin. D2iQ/Mesosphere
  • Krishna Puttaswamy (Ph.D. 2010), Bell Labs -> Senior Software Engineer, LinkedIn -> AirBNB -> Uber
  • Matthew Allen (co-advised R. Wolski, Ph.D. 2009), VP at Barclays Capital
  • Gayatri (Swamynathan) Badriprasad (co-advised K. Almeroth, Ph.D. 2008), Zynga
  • Kirti Bhandari (MS 2017), Microsoft
  • Pritha D. N. (MS'16) Riverbed -> Cisco
  • Divya Sambavisan (MS 2015), Yelp
  • Allen Chang, (BS/MS 2013), Box
  • Manish Mohanlal (MS 2012), Yelp
  • Konark Gill (MS 2012), Facebook
  • Troy Steinbauer (MS 2011), Zynga
  • Ashwin Sampath (MS), Juniper
  • Lakshmi Ganesh (MS), (PhD Cornell), Facebook
  • Matt Sun (MS), Netflix
  • Kyo Lee (MS)
  • Rama Alebouyeh (MS)