Visit Days 2021

UChicago Computer Science PhD

One-on-One Meeting Signups

Welcome to UChicago CS Visit Day 2021! A big component of visit day is individual meetings between students and CS faculty. Professors at UChicago CS have made a special effort to make themselves available during two scheduled time periods: Thursday 1-2:30PM and Friday 10-11:30AM. While we planned two sessions to accommodate students across different time zones, not all faculty are available for both days. Please check the times slots to note the specific day and time of your slot.
Please sign up for meetings with the faculty members of your choice. All slots are open for signups! For students who have empty slots during either of the faculty sessions, we will be adding more resources for virtual tours of the campus and city to the visit page.
Faculty Name
Research Area Office 
Total Slots
Aaron Elmore
Databases, Data Systems JCL 241, zoom
Fri: 3
Aaron Potechin
Complexity Theory JCL 237, zoom Thur: 3
Allyson Ettinger (new)
NLP, Computational Linguistics JCL 361, zoom Thur: 3, Fri: 3
Alexander Razborov
Discrete Math, Theory Appt by email
Andrew Chien
Cloud software, Systems,
Green Computing
JCL 339, zoom Thur: 3, Fri:3
Ben Zhao
Adversarial Machine Learning,
Security, HCI
JCL 369, zoom Thur: 3, Fri: 3
Bill Fefferman Quantum Computation, Theory JCL 251, Zoom Thur: 1, Fri: 2
Blase Ur
HCI, Privacy, Security
JCL 363, zoom Thur: 3, Fri: 3
Chenhao Tan
NLP, human-centered AI
JCL 260, zoom Thur: 3, Fri: 3
David Cash
Applied crypto, Security JCL 353, zoom Thur: 3
Diana Franklin
CS Education
JCL 201, zoom Thur: 3, Fri: 3
Eric Jonas Machine Learning, Chemistry/Physics
JCL 323, zoom Friday: 3
Fred Chong
Quantum Computing, Architecture JCL 239 Zoom

Henry (Hank) Hoffmann
OS, Architecture
JCL 341, zoom Thur: 3, Fri: 3 SignUp
Haryadi Gunawi
JCL 347, zoom Thur: 3
Heather Zheng
Applied ML, Networks, Mobile
JCL 371, zoom Thur: 3, Fri: 3
Janos Simon
JCL 337, Zoom Thur: 3, Fri: 3
John Reppy
Parallel/Concurrent Languages
JCL 253, zoom Thur: 3, Fri: 2
Junchen Jiang
Networking, Cloud, Data Science
JCL 367, zoom Thur: 1, Fri: 3 SignUp
Kyle Chard
Scientific Computing, Data Science
JCL 303, zoom Thur: 3
Lorenzo Orecchia Algorithms, Optimization, ML
JCL 315, zoom Thur: 2, Fri: 3 SignUp
Marshini Chetty HCI, Usable Security, Privacy JCL 355, zoom Thur: 2, Fri: 3 SignUp
Michael Maire
ML, Computer Vision
JCL 319, zoom Thur: 3, Fri: 3 SignUp
Mike Franklin
Databases, Data Systems JCL 219, zoom Fri: 3
Nick Feamster Networks, Measurements, Security JCL 261, zoom Thur: 3, Fri: 3
Pedro Lopes
HCI, AR/VR, Wearable Computing
JCL 365, zoom Thur: 2, Fri: 3 SignUp
Raul Castro Fernandez Data discovery, Data science JCL 245, zoom Fri: 3 SignUp
Ravi Chugh
Programming Languages, HCI JCL 345
Scheduled offline
Risi Kondor (new)
Machine Learning JCL 325 by email appt
Robert Rand
Quantum, PL, Compilers JCL 313, zoom Thur: 3, also by appt
Rick Stevens
Exascale Computing, AI for Science JCL 307, zoom Fri: 3 SignUp
Sanjay Krishnan
Data Science, Databases, AI
JCL 243, zoom Thur: 3, Fri: 3
Sarah Sebo
Human Robotics Interaction, HCI
JCL 373, zoom Thur: 3, Fri: 3
Shan Lu  Operating Systems, S/W Engineering JCL 343, zoom Thur: 3, Fri: 3 SignUp
Stuart Kurtz Complexity Theory JCL 247, zoom Friday: 3 SignUp
Yanjing Li
Systems, ML, Architecture
JCL 309, zoom Fri: 3 SignUp
Yuxin Chen Machine Learning, Probabilistic Reasoning JCL 317, zoom Thur: 3, Fri: 2 SignUp