Visit Days 2021

UChicago Computer Science PhD

Open Houses and Office Hours, Visit Days


Groups will "meet" in Locations in virtual Crerar (Gather), but video/sessions will be on zoom. Zoom links are found here and embedded in the assigned virtual Crerar locations.

Research Area(s)
in Gather
Zoom Links
A. Elmore, S. Krishnan,
R. C. Fernandez, M. Franklin
Databases, data science, Applied ML
JCL 243 ChiData Group Zoom Link
Diana Franklin CS Education
JCL 338 CANON Lab Zoom Link
Yuxin Chen, Eric Jonas, Michael Maire, Lorenzo Orecchia Machine Learning
JCL 323
Machine Learning
Zoom Link,
Marshini Chetty, Nick Feamster, Pedro Lopes, Sarah Sebo, Blase Ur Human-centered Computing (HCI, Security, Networking)
JCL 390
HCI Cluster Zoom Link
Andrew Chien, Haryadi Gunawi, Hank Hoffman, Junchen Jiang, Yanjing Li, Shan Lu
Distributed/Cloud Systems, Operating Systems, Networking, Software Engineering
JCL 346
Large Systems Cluster Zoom Link
Lorenzo Orecchia, Aaron Potechin,
Janos Simon
Theory Group
JCL 352
Theory Group Zoom Link
Heather Zheng, Ben Zhao
Adversarial Machine Learning, Security & Privacy, Mobile & Wearable
JCL 377
SAND Lab Zoom Link
Fred Chong, Bill Fefferman, Robert Rand
Quantum Computing
JCL 277
EPiQC Zoom Link
Chenhao Tan
NLP, Human-centered AI
JCL 260
Tan group Zoom Link
Allyson Ettinger
NLP, Computational Linguistics
JCL 361
Open lab meeting (2PM) Zoom Link