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Shan Lu    Shan Lu
    Associate Professor
    Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow
    Email: shanlu @
    Phone: (773)702-3184
    Crerar Library Room 343
    5730 S. Ellis Ave., Chicago, IL 60637

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Academic Career


Recent Publications

    (Complete publication list)
  1. DScope: Detecting Real-World Data Corruption Hang Bugs in Cloud Server Systems [SOCC'18]
  2. Applying Hardware Transactional Memory for Concurrency-Bug Failure Recovery in Production Runs [USENIX ATC'18]
  3. PCatch: Automatically Detecting Performance Cascading Bugs in Cloud Systems [EuroSys'18]
  4. How not to structure your database-backed web applications: a study of performance bugs in the wild [ICSE'18] (Featured on "Morning Paper'' and "Hacker News" )
  5. FCatch: Automatically detecting time-of-fault bugs in cloud systems [ASPLOS'18]
  6. Understanding and Auto-Adjusting Performance-Sensitive Configurations [ASPLOS'18]
  7. Skyway: Connecting Managed Heaps in Distributed Big Data Systems [ASPLOS'18] (Featured on "Morning Paper'' )
  8. Understanding Database Performance Inefficiencies in Real-world Web Applications [CIKM'17]
  9. Performance Diagnosis for Inefficient Loops [ICSE'17]
  10. Efficient Detection of Thread Safety Violations via Coverage-Guided Generation of Concurrent Tests [ICSE'17]
  11. DCatch: Automatically Detecting Distributed Concurrency Bugs in Cloud Systems [ASPLOS'17]
  12. Low-Overhead and Fully Automated Statistical Debugging with Abstraction Refinement [OOPSLA'16]
  13. Early Detection of Configuration Errors to Reduce Failure Damage [OSDI'16] (Won USENIX OSDI'16 Best Paper Award )
  14. Yak: A High-Performance Big-Data-Friendly Garbage Collector [OSDI'16]
  15. Understanding and Generating High Quality Patches for Concurrency Bugs [FSE'16]
  16. TaxDC: A Comprehensive Taxonomy of Non-Deterministic Concurrency Bugs in Cloud Distributed Systems [ASPLOS '16]
  17. Interruptable Tasks: Treating Memory Pressure As Interrupts for Highly Scalable Data-Parallel Programs [SOSP '15]
  18. What change history tells us about thread synchronization [FSE '15]
  19. CARAMEL: Detecting and Fixing Performance Problems That Have Non-Intrusive Fixes [ICSE'15] (Won SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award )
  20. Validating Library Usage Interactively [CAV '13]
  21. A Study of Linux File System Evolution [FAST' 13] (Won USENIX Fast'13 Best Paper Award )
  22. Toddler: Detecting Performance Problems via Similar Memory-Access Patterns [ICSE '13]
  23. Automated Concurrency-Bug Fixing [OSDI '12]
  24. ...

Shan Lu Shan Lu