Transactuations: Where Transactions Meet the Physical World
ScaleCheck: A Single-Machine Approach for Discovering Scalability Bugs in Large Distributed Systems
FlyMC: Highly Scalable Testing of Complex Interleavings in Distributed Systems
Scalability Bugs: When 100-Node Testing is Not Enough PDF
PBSE: A Robust Path-Based Speculative Execution for Degraded-Network Tail Tolerance in Data-Parallel Frameworks PDF Slides
TaxDC: A Taxonomy of Concurrency Bugs in Datacenter Distributed Systems PDF Slides
A Fast Model Checker for Finding Heisenbugs in Distributed Systems PDF Slides
SAMC: Semantic-Aware Model Checking for Fast Discovery of Deep Bugs in Cloud Systems PDF Slides
The Case for Drill-Ready Cloud Computing PDF Slides
What Bugs Live in the Cloud? A Study of 3000+ Issues in Cloud Systems PDF Slides
Limplock: Understanding the Impact of Limpware on Scale-Out Cloud Systems PDF Slides