Min Xu

Ph.D student in Computer Science
Department of Computer Science
University of Chicago, Hyde Park
Chicago, IL 60637, USA

Curriculum Vitae

I'm a Ph.D. student in Computer Science, working with Prof. David Cash on exciting area of computer security, privacy and cryptography. Recently, I'm working on searchable encryption. Previously, I have worked on side channel mitigations in untrusted cloud.


  1. Using Differential Privacy to Efficiently Mitigate Side Channels in Distributed Analytics
    Min Xu*, Antonis Papadimitriou*, Ariel J. Feldman, Andreas Haeberlen
    In 11th European Workshop on Systems Security (Eurosec '18). To appear.
    (*: Joint first authors)

  2. Even Data Placement for Load Balance in Reliable Distributed Deduplication Storage Systems
    Min Xu, YunFeng Zhu, Patrick P.C. Lee, YinLong Xu
    In IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Quality of Service (IWQoS’15)

  3. Efficient Hybrid Inline and Outofline Deduplication for Backup Storage
    Yan-Kit Li, Min Xu, Chun-Ho Ng, Patrick P.C. Lee
    In ACM Transactions on Storage (TOS)