The evaluation of the project includes a project proposal, mid-term project presentation, final project presentation and project report.

The project proposal is a 1 page summary of your project problem, challenges, and your proposed solution and timeline.

The mid-term project presentation lasts 8 (TBD based on class size) minutes and should report the problem tackled (explained via a real example), the solution and your progress.

The final project presentation lasts 10 minutes + 3 minutes Q&A per team. Like the mid-term presentation, it should report (briefly) the problem, the challenges, and focus more on your solution & evaluation, followed by a demo (if any).

The final project report (due TBD) should not exceed 6 two-column pages with 10pt fonts. The content should be similar to a workshop publication (Introduction, Background, Your Solution, Evaluation, Conclusion, References). You will need include detailed information about your design and experimental evaluation methodology & results, as well as a summary of each individual member's contribution. The final report will be evaluated like a typical workshop review. Alone with your project report, please also hand in a compressed file (tar.gz) of your source code. The report and source code should be submitted via dropbox file upload. If your file is too large, submit a web link where I can download.