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Without education we are in a horrible and deadly danger of taking educated people seriously.
G. K. Chesterton (1874-1936)

Former students

Current students


Possible research directions

This section is mostly designed for our prospective, admitted and current students. But others are welcome to read it, too.

The most basic thing that has to be understood about our PhD program is that at UofC we do not own students (and we take pride in this fact). Indeed, many of our students change their advisors as their research interests develop naturally. Some of our current students have done this more than once, and some of them have a "nominal" advisor and actually work with other faculty (including TTIC and the math department). All these forms of behavior are considered absolutely normal here.

For the purpose of this section, this means that I strongly encourage all prospective students that read this essay to check out the Web pages of my colleagues as well, and consider this as a combined resource our students are having access to.

That said, here are a few research projects (in no particular order) that, for one or another reason, are close to my heart. Some of them are being pursued by our current and former students, and some of them have even been worked out in communication with them. Many of these projects are concentrated around a ``big'' problem, although in almost all cases I see how to identify some accessible subgoals. Also, this is not meant as a comprehensive description (and definitely not a survey); I prefer to give references to a few good sources from which you can explore literature on your own (or write to me for details). In line with what was written above (yes, faculty also have the right of flexibility!), the list should be expected to change as needed and without any notices. On the other hand, I am not planning to do anything like regular maintenance of this section, so if you notice anything incorrect, outdated, broken links etc. please drop me a word.