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Introduction to Automated Modeling with FEniCS

By L. Ridgway Scott
Published by Computational Modeling Initiative, 2018.
Available at alibris

Student edition available at Amazon

The student edition is a paperback version with monochrome figures.

This book can be used to support a new approach to teaching and learning numerical solution of partial differential equations.

It introduces the variational formulation of PDEs as a language to define models.

It explains the variational formulations for the most commonly used models in science and technology.

The variational formulation also provides a firm theoretical foundation for understanding PDEs.

Combining the theory with practical computer programs that implement simulations of the models provides a way to teach and learn PDEs, their numerical solution, and associated modeling without requiring extensive mathematical prerequisites.

The book is accessible to students whose only prerequite is multivariate calculus.

Get the codes in the book at bitbucket.

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